She sits on the floor, just to keep him company until she feels a sudden wave of emotion wash over her. Hand clutching her hair as she involuntarily starts to rock back and fourth.
I can hardly concentrate on the things around me.
Why are things like this? I can feel them crawling up my back. Their dark, slender fingers clawing at my shoulders. Dark figures flying around the room. I can't feel the difference about what is real and what is not.
"I don't want you flying into my hair. No I don't like it when you touch my hair"
"Hey, babe."
"Don't touch him. I don't like that. I don't want you flying into my hair you know this."
I feel his warm touch on my cheek.
Slowly lifting my head to him he comes in and out of my vision. A dark figure peers above his shoulder. "Don't touch him. You know how I don't like them. We don't need the worms around here. Your fingers are worms. Long scary worms."
His expression changed. He looked like his was about to start crying.
"Why are you crying, baby?"
He smiled a little.
"Baby, I'm just worried about you. Can you try focusing your eyes on me, baby?"
My face scrunches up in focus. Yet the creatures around us are too distracting. "Hey don't hold his hand, it's mine. Stop it. Stop. I told you to get out of my hair. Stop it."
"Stop it. You're getting in the way. You know there is a line with him. Stop. Don't touch him, don't touch me. We don't need the worms here. Stop. Stop it."
"Baby... baby?! Don't touch them. I don't want them to touch you. Some of the worms are dangerous don't touch them. Baby. Stop disappearing. Baby stay, stay please. Please don't go. Baby."
"I'm here baby, I'm here."
"Don't leave baby. Baby!! Don't leave me. Don't touch them, they're scary I don't want you to go away. Hey babe? Babe?! No, stop going in my hair. Stop it please. Please stop going in my hair. Stop I need you to be quiet. Babe where are you? Babe please, don't go with them."
Suddenly he pulls me in and I feel the warmth of his body against mine. He starts to squeeze me in a comfortably tight embrace.
"Baby, we are going to go to the hospital, okay?"
I understand what he says but I can't seem to fully understand it. If that makes sense, the other people in the room were just too loud. Slowly I feel him let go of our hug and my heart starts to pound relentlessly, my eyes start to shake even more.
"Baby?! Babe. Babe wait. Babe, please."
"Stop talking please. I want to hear him stop talking. No I don't need them in my hair. Stop I don't want it. I don't want them near me stop it."
"Hey. Hey. Hey. Shhh it's okay. I'm right here. It's okay."
I feel him pull me back into a hug.
"We're going to stand up, okay?"
I just nodded and slowly tried to start to move. My heart starts pounding when trying to move.
"Help. I need help. Help. No I don't need your help. Babe I need your help."
I feel my body starting to panic when trying to stand, yet I endure it.
"See you're okay. You're okay."
Ever so slowly, the two made it to the car and just when she had to let go of him she started to panic again.
Her body practically vibrating as she filled with fear and anxiety as the figures get into the car with them. They start flying around the car and beside it when they started to drive.
Who knew he would ever witness a scene like this. He started to cry, his person was spiralling. She was spiralling hard as she wouldn't stop mumbling as she holds on to a small plush pug like it was the last thing on Earth.
They then made it to the hospital, to speed things up he carried his girlfriend into the emergancy room. He talks to the nurse greeting them, then they were able to be seated to wait for the doctor. Her mumbling hasn't stopped since they got inside. When the doctor went to see them he had pointed out her eyes, they wouldn't stop shaking.
"We need to get her a bed and in soon," the doctor concluded.
They finally got a bed and pried her off of her boyfriend and the shaking gets significantly worse.
"No don't take him away. The worms would get him, the worms aren't good for anyone. You don't know how strong they are."
Slowly they wheel her away with him walking by her. He's talking to her, yet it was like none of his words were reaching her.
"You don't get to touch me. Don't let them touch me."
The doctor trys to hook on a heart monitor and she starts to push them away. She starts to panic, believing that the doctor was against her. That the doctor was working with the shadow creatures.
"No don't touch me! You don't get to touch me! I know you're with them, you don't get to take me! Stop it!"
She pushed him and tried pushing herself off the bed.
"Don't like them. Don't like them. I want to go home, but home has them. Get out of my hair!"
Her boyfriend catches her and the doctor calls in for more help.
"Stop disappearing, it's not funny. You're not funny. It's scaring me I don't want to be alone with them. No! Don't leave me alone with them!"
Then, they inject a sedative to calm her down.
"Are you working with them? Don't let them get me. Baby... stay. Stay."
"Hng where am I?"
My mind is a bit fuzzy with what was going on, I just know that I'm not home. I feel a hand in mine and there he is. We seem to be in the hospital.
"What are you doing with him?"
"Babe?" He fumbles back up to her, "how are you feeling?"
"I'm okay, I just don't get why they're here," I point behind him to the three figures by the door.
"What do you see baby?"
"There are three people there, they... they." I feel wobbly again. My heart straining as my hand clutches it tight. I feel my eyes darting back and fourth so quickly I started to feel faint.
"Babe, it's okay. Breathe with me okay. Okay? I'm here." He starts to breathe in and out audibly. Then I follow along and slowly start to calm down.
As time passed, a doctor came in and soon they had her checked up for a stay at the psychward. Something to guarantee her safety when she is alone.
After her little trip they spent some time with their friends in her and her friend's place. They were all having fun and just chatting, they didn't know the details to the little trip. This night would change that.
"Babe," she whispers, looking up to him with shaking eyes. As they practiced, they went into her room and waited it out for a bit. Taking out a needle like an epipen out on the bedside table. From the living room they suddenly start to hear mumbling through the walls. Some occasional moments when her voice is raised and this worried them. In the room she was curled up against her lover, in pure fear. She wouldn't stop shaking then, he helps her inject the needle into her leg. Her rocking slowed down as well as her eye movements. Her body loosens up and she start to feel drousy.
A few more moments pass, she fell asleep and he stepped out to talk to their friends.
"What happened?" They asked.
"She has really bad episodes," he started, "she went to the hospital for it and when she gets an episode she has these meds to help, but they make her really sleepy because it's like a sedative. It gets worse then right now sometimes."
After that night, they all understood.