drowning in the misery of your abyss.
wanting waiting yearning for your kiss
sorrow fills the air like a cloud of smoke
the tension in my lungs making me choke
loving someone who will never see your worth
they dont desire you even if you were the last to walk the earth
why are you here, those words scream so loud
why are you only pretending in front of the crowd
you make me want to run and never look back
i tell you im gone but there empty bags i pack
dont you care about my heart
dont you see me ripped apart
i hate you i do but you dont care
i tell you my pain and you sit and stare
what if i do walk away and i dont let you back in
will that be the day your life will begin
why cant you try to love me and show
you never tell me sorry and ill truly never know
i am giving up on ever being important to you
you took my soul and laughed if only you knew
its not funny being alone
its not funny giving up your home
you can catch someone but you cant make the climb
i was yours and you were never mine