the realization of the realization that it took 20+/- years, to do enough research, access medical etc journals, a damn college degree---MOST important to me, gather words to describe how and why things society finds easy/normal, were not for me. decades,**
i am determined to be undeerstood and if a person in their professional opinion agrees or not...i kinda NEED to hear the WHY part.. I do not know if this is why but how else am I to know if they got my message and not a breakdown beginning? How do i know if placation or actual listening and hearing are there??
1 there is many items i could and want to look into but ( do not think mostly 100 percent of others actual;ly a) beleive it is an issue b) can read past the laczidaysical, flat, do not care for much face i just happen to have had since high school....that is as far back i can say i have "snapshots" and 2 second clip of part of a past event.
affordable connectivity program for CMP, spectrum, n stuff? federal program but CANNOT process the info i am seeing, reading and individual word meanings. COMMUNICATION ISSUES, NOT finding the effin places for resources, have 3b inch binder of resources, just my area.
adaptive funding programs for HOH/visual impairments, and all the other assistive and memory and cognitive tools or equipment. Aisha, iris network, gave me few places to call but is an email.
I realized many items were taken from debit card but if not delivered or delivery unable to occur...has never been refunded. did speak to amazon rep bout 6 items, 97$! of stuff never gotten. gor refund from ebay ^&$ magnetic white board never received...requested refund last night n got it today.
but few things taken off card...NEED to check if they took only what purchase was, seems more to me than i ordered.
PROCESSING visual/auditory/ reading info.....
only late 2020/early 2021, i noticed i may see a bunch of stuff around me but its like looking at it but looking thru things because looking AT something too long makes me dizzy, its like i lost it- lost the picture?
AuD said she can see the delay in processing auditory info around me at times...noted the over stimulation cuz only hearing on left side, she saud, brain cannot tell important from background noise, where the noise is, so fatigue and easy noise overwhelm is something others just do not realize the effects.